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About our company De Jong B.V. and our values


That first brick was the basis for our company on Bonaire!

Since that first brick , a lot has changed, also in the opinion and / or vision of our clients. It is no longer asphalt that goes into the ground here. Increasingly, it is also the big projects that opt for vowels. We do not have to convince our customers for that.


People got it: a paving pavement is ‘cozier’, absorbs much less heat and also emits much less. With tiles and pavers, a street is without any worries for years and if – after a tropical storm – a hole falls, it is very easy and quick to repair. We put our hands in the sand for that!


Our warehouse and storage is at Kaya Amsterdam 29. At the bottom of this page you will find all contact information.

Take a trip along our display and see the different tiles, vowels and leggings. We make a suitable offer based on a short conversation and the required square meters.

De Jong B.V. about its own machine park of two minishovels, a mini excavator and a truck.


We go for the best quality! If this is not available on Bonaire, we will implement it ourselves. From the Netherlands, America, Europe or even further away.

A good basis and the right way of laying, taking into account the rainy season, the right drainage and neatly locked in between strong tires. This gives us the quality we deliver and that ensures that you always see us at work on Bonaire – for large and small projects!


During the execution, our employees pay close attention to the execution. Because we know what a tropical shower with the sand under the street work does!

Our work must be rock-solid for years. By appointment, within the right time, neat and tidy, clean and always REALLY READY!

Just ask all our satisfied customers.

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