For all your paving & groundwork on Bonaire

The professional company for all your street work and groundwork on Bonaire for both the government and the private individual.

De Jong B.V. sells all types of stonepath paving and other pavements including construction of architectural garden finishes according to the requirements for the Caribbean.

Our products

Concrete paving stones, concrete street brick, curbs, curbs, parking belts, edge finishing, fill sand, sand, gravel, grit, split, anti-root cloth, anti-weed cloth, grit, and gravel plates.

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Our services

Street work and Stonepath pavements

The team of De Jong B.V. has years of experience in the construction and maintenance of roads, ornamental paving and school playgrounds.


Landscaping and maintenance is with the De Jong B.V. also in good hands.

Earthwork and sewerage

We also carry out earthmoving and sewer work for you. We do this for both government and private individuals.


De Jong B.V is the specialist for all infrastructure activities on Bonaire for government projects as private individuals.

Why choose for De Jong B.V.


The weather conditions within the Caribbean are unique. Our working method has been fully adapted to this.


34 years of experience in infrastructure works and pavements of which 24 years in the Netherlands and 10 years on Bonaire. Import and transport costs, permits and regulations? We know it.


For architect, contractor, construction company and private individual. If we stand on the sidewalk, you will know that it is going well!

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